✧✧✧ Your classic astrology reading ✧✧✧
the most leisurely use of your time & energy!
Curious about astrology?Get a blind reading
Natal Consultations -- Your classic astrology reading! 90min with me to pull up your chart and dive deep into what seems relevant. Ideal for solar returns (birthdays), astro weather transits, etc. 

Blind Chart Reading* -- A 1hr session where I spend the first half pulling your natal promise based on the planets of your birth chart. We chat for the other half about variations in the story and consider the astro weather of the moment you can use to your advantage. 

Horary Questions** -- you ask me a specific question, I pull up a chart of the sky to delineate a narrative and give you more clarity. 

Dream Interpretations** -- bring me a significant dream along with the time you remember it, ideally, it would be right as you wake up. I recommend writing down the time and details of your experience. No matter how abstract they may be, we'll pull a story. Come experiment with me and the universe.

Follow-Up Half Sessions -- for any recent client that wants us to hold more space.

*Only for a limited time, a special offering as part of my practicum as an Oraculous Student of Astrology.
**I am still building these two practices with clients. Your engagement is experimental and appreciated!