Explore your birth chart with KPF using a synthesis of neo-classical astrology and trauma-informed approaches. Sessions are primarily rooted in Renaissance traditions and the 20th-century innovations of Uranian cosmobiology, while also honoring space for the contemporary understandings of our intersectional identities. This concrete style is centered on the planets as significators for event-based interpretations.

"KPF is a gentle practitioner and uses a tender approach which is valuable for anyone who is seeking safety first and foremost while working with another through spiritual practices. — I was able to honour visuals and use them as tools to uncover hidden emotions that I didn't realize I could express. "

January 2022

"If you’ve worked on yourself and have experienced growth in your journey, opening yourself up to a session with Katia can be a rewarding experience of accelerated and concentrated growth."

February 2022


The classic — we’ll take a look at your birth chart together as we build the language of your unique cosmic blueprint. This is the foundation of beginning to work with your personal astrology. The works we establish during this initial session will pave the way for all future exchanges, whether you come back for another full session, a mini session, a hypnosis, or simply follow along on social media. This is an investment of time, energy, and care into more deep understanding of yourself.

First time clients will get a walk through of the sky based on the time/date/location they were born. We'll build a language together of their uniquely personal natal promise utilizing:

  • Traditional Chaldean Rulership

  • Hidden Aspects; anticion, declination, harmonic octiles

  • Triplicity as alternative interpretations

  • Nodal axis points

  • Regiomontanus Houses

Returning clients have the options of exploring topics of their choice even further such as:

  • Deeper dives into any topics that are part of your chart

  • Astrology informed “studio visits” about your craft, brand, or practice

  • Eclipse cycles and their nodal activations

  • Live horary question Alternative predictive models

  • Eclipse cycles and their nodal activations

  • Transits, Lunations and other cosmic timings

You get a live video discussion and my undivided attention for 60-75min. Plus, a recording from the conversation, yours to keep!


Ideal for returning clients who want to look ahead and understand their current and upcoming cycles using Astrological forecasting, using traditional or alternative modalities of predictive astrology.

  • Solar Return; Your annual birthday

  • Lunar Returns; Your monthly moon-birthday

  • Embolismic Lunations; alternative month-to-year cycles

  • 12th Harmonic Returns; Alternative predictive models


Did you know we can use the planetary positions at any given moment to answer our most divine questions? Sky divinations are when we reflect your timely question against the sky of the moment it was asked to give us more insight about the narrative.

Make sure it is a question that can be answered over a short written response; otherwise, you might benefit from us holding space together with a different style of session.

"I had a wonderful reading that deeply connected me to ideas about my family, friends, partner, and children. Some of the conversation really opened my eyes to areas I can focus on throughout my year."

February 2022

"So much clarity came from my birth chart reading and clarity with general tarot readings! Katia is a gentle astrologer who tends to your needs by asking questions and making deep connections based on your sign, natal chart or cards. I always recommend them to everyone who is curious about astrology!"

July 2021 / August 2021

“2020 was a devastating time for my and my family. Katia randomly approach to me and offered me a reading. They helped me remain calm and hopeful to remain strength through these violent times. They answered as much as they could inside their capabilities and I am forever grateful for them when they held space for my duel and suffering."

April 2020 / Jan 2021

"If you're looking for deeper understanding about the placements in your sky, KPF is great at providing solid insight and co-partnering on reflection. It was helpful to understand the placements of my last solar return as guideposts for reflection on my current energy and alignment. Astrology sessions with KPF have felt deeply caring, insightful, and supportive to my solar return processing and future visioning. So grateful for their offerings!"

February 2021 / February 2022

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